Happy New Year!!! (And a bitch session I want to get off my chest)

Okay, so first of all Happy New Year everyone (yeah I know it's a bit late...so sue me)
Annnnywayyy...on with the bitch. I know it's a little trivial but you're the one reading so if you're bored already...basically I don't care...
So yeah, this bitching session begins with one simple word that either brings a smile to someone's face or a roll of the eyes:
I'm not just talking friends and family. It's fucking BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND shit that I'm pissed off about.
My sister has a steady boyfriend. Nothing serious, but they've been going out for something like four months now or something. My other sister just hooked up with a guy today.
Now, yeah, I know I should be happy for them or whatever but it annoys me. Both of them have been out with more guys than I have. Jealousy? Maybe that's what you'd call it but me, I call it luck (well not really but I couldn't think of any other way to put it.). It's like, you see someone with something you know you'll never want or need but you want it anyway, ya know? My friends all have boyfriends and girlfriends. I'm 17 and I've been alone my WHOLE LIFE. It's like, nowadays you have to be a slut to get noticed. or something Me, I wear over-sized band t shirts and red Converse casually. When I go out, I put my contacts in, straighten my hair and all that fiddly shit and it's like I'm whatsherface from the Fantastic Four.
What, should I wear what everyone else is wearing? Should I adhere to the latest trends like some fashion-crazed robot? Should I conform?!?!
Oh yeah, and then there's the old "You'll find someone eventually" shit that I'm sick to death of hearing. Like when's "eventually"? When I'm 40?!?!?!
I'm ready for a relationship. I FEEL ready for a relationship.
So seriously, WHAT THE FUCK? When the hell will I no longer be the Amazing Invisible Woman?
Who knows.
And for now...who cares?
(If you got bored reading this, it's your fault not mine. I didn't force you to read it, but if you have something to say, I wanna hear it. So share it DAMMIT)